Friday, August 19, 2011

The Dog Days of Summer

I'm a dog.  It's summer.  From what they tell me, summer is the time when families go away on vacation.  At the beginning of the summer, we went on a family vacation to Cape May.  I had a great time.  Now it's the end of summer and it's family vacation time again!  But I'm not invited.

Can you believe that?  They're going on vacation without me!  Leaving me behind to fend for myself.  A pup, on her own.  Well, okay, not exactly on my own.  I'm actually taking a little vacation of my own.  While they're enjoying the beach, I am going to enjoy Gerri's big fenced-in yard and play with other dogs all day, every day!

It sounds too good to be true.  But I sure hope it isn't.

Gerri has said that she will take photos and videos and email them to Matt and Alicia so that they can see how much fun I'm having.  These will, no doubt, show up on the blog.  And also no doubt, Alicia will call (or make Matthew call, because she'll be so nervous and feeling too guilty) and check-in on me, to make sure I'm eating my food and being a good girl and not missing them too much.

My bag is packed with food, treats, and medicine (toys, crate and bed are staying at home to ensure other dogs don't decide to steal and/or destroy them - and besides, Gerri has plenty at her house!).  Gerri comes to pick me up within the next hour.  Wish me luck on my first doggy vacation!

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