Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Good Dog: Rosie the Therapy Dog

I'm a dog.  Matt and Alicia are always telling me how I'm a "good girl."  They usually say it when I listen to commands, chew toys instead of household items or their limbs, and also when I poop outside.  I have a lot to be proud of, but Alicia shared with me an article about a dog named Rosie who REALLY has a lot to be proud of!

Rosie is a golden retriever who is trained as a therapy dog.  Most recently, she helped a 15-year-old girl testify against her father who raped and impregnated her.  The girl was scared to go up on the witness stand and even once she got there, she had a hard time.  Rosie sat with her in the court room (even up on the stand!) and gave her gentle nudges to help her testify.

I provide lots of joy to everyone around me.  Just looking at my cute face and seeing my cow-spotted body wriggle with excitement to meet people brings joy.  But I don't know how good I'd be in the court room.  Thank goodness for dogs like Rosie who make the world a better place!

To conclude, I am a good girl.  Rosie is a very good girl.

Finally, because I am not just a good girl, but also cute, here is a picture of me...

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