Sunday, August 7, 2011

Quoit a Minute!

I'm a dog.  I haven't posted in a while.  But it's not my fault.  I've had plenty to say.  It's just that Alicia hasn't had the time to type it up.  I sent her a clear message (more on that later) that it was time for this nonsense to stop and prioritize me!

Two weeks ago we spent the weekend in Pennsylvania.  First we headed out to Lancaster to stay with Matt's Uncle Bill and Aunt Susan who hosted the whole family for a weekend of eating and playing quoits!  As usual, I was the star of the show.

My adoring public of Cousin Emily and Dogmother Amanda.
I wasn't allowed on the chairs, so I made
this footrest my throne.

Alicia baked a tasty monkey bread that everyone drooled over and yammered on about all weekend.  Of course, when I asked for a piece I was told "No!" and "Not for puppies!" Typical.  I wasn't allowed to do any of the other eating either.  All I got was dog food. Lame. I did get to try ice though, and that was a lot of fun.  I came across a pile of it poured out on the grass and went about licking it and then chewing it.  I couldn't quite figure out what was going on, but it seemed to make me happy to chomp on it.  Alicia foolishly forgot to have a camera on-hand though, so no photographic evidence.

Puppy snuggles with Cousin Emily.
A belly rub from Cousin Lee
One thing I did get to do - for approximately 1 minute - was play quoits.  What? You've never heard of quoits?  Me neither.  It's kind of like horseshoes, but instead of playing with horseshoes in a dirt pit, you play with rubber discs on a slate board.  First, I watched to get a hang of the rules.

Then, when I was comfortable, I joined in on a game.  Here I am playing with Cousin Emily and my Dogmother Amanda.

I also got to meet D-Nute (aka Deric), one of the three (other than me) living Manutes.  He was very excited to meet me.  I was also very excited to meet him.

Molly Manute meets Deric Manute!
We stayed overnight and the next morning I joined the ladies on a walk in the country (aka around the neighborhood).  It was during this walk that I heard some strange low bellowing sounds coming from a barn.  I was very concerned and stopped in my tracks.  I tried to locate the source of the noise.  What was it?  Turns out it was "my people" calling me home to them.  We were walking by a dairy farm and it was the cows!

You probably can't see it, but there's a cow in that barn.
I was pooped after our walk.
(But I still went out for a 3-mile run with Amanda!)
It was an exhausting weekend, but it wasn't over yet.  Late Sunday morning we piled back into the car and off to Chalfont, PA to celebrate Ava's 9th birthday!

Oh, and remember how I said I'd tell you about how I let Alicia know it was time to start blogging and stop with all her other silly priorities?  Well, it's not later.  Yet.

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