Friday, June 17, 2011

Family Vacation: More Fun in the Sun

I'm a dog.  With a sunburn. It's true.  Matt and Alicia put sunscreen on my face, but still, the sun reached through my pretty white fur and burned my face.  Alicia tried to take a picture, but I kept turning my head.  What part of "I'm hideous! No pictures, please." doesn't she understand?  Even though I can't post a pic, I assure you the skin on my snout, around my eyes and my white ear is bright bright pink.

But it was worth it.  The way I got the sunburn was from a lot of fun in the sun!

We went back to the beach today, and though I was still a bit scared of the water, I went in a few times, trying to drink as much water as possible before quickly running out to try and escape the waves.  I'd like the ocean a lot more if it stayed a consistent depth, but those waves that keep me guessing about how deep it is are just confusing.

Since I love walks, Alicia and I went for a walk on the beach.  On the walk I met two nice ladies and their dogs.  Both of their male dogs kept trying to mount me.  I know I'm cute, but they need to control themselves!  At least they were neutered and I'm spayed, so all attempts were futile.  Plus, Alicia kept pulling me away.  I also met a nice lady who wanted to feed me crackers.  I was all about it, but Alicia said "No" (which, incidentally, is her favorite word!).

When we got back to the umbrella, Matt gave me some water.  He and Alicia just wanted to sit there reading, but I still wanted to play.  So I did what any fun-loving youngster on a beach would do, and started to dig.

On my way to China!
I was having so much fun digging out the sand beneath Matt's chair that I didn't want to stop.  But I did, in order to roll around in the sand and get my snout sufficiently sandy.

Enjoying my handiwork.
I knew I was finished when Matt's chair almost toppled in...
Relaxing after a well-dug hole.
I had a great time.  This is what being at the beach is all about: meeting new friends, frolicking in the waves and digging in the sand.  Too bad about that sunburn, but it'll heal, right?

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