Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I Made Ate My Bed and Now I Have to Lie in It

I'm a dog.  I ate my bed.

Matthew and Alicia left Saturday morning to go to the beach and they forgot to bring me with them.  They put me in the kitchen while they went to run some things to the car and didn't come back.  I can only assume it was an honest mistake and that they meant to take me with them.  Once they realized what they'd done, they sent Ben over to take me out and play with me while they were gone.  I like Ben.  But when he came over in the afternoon that told me one thing: Matt and Alicia were not coming back until tomorrow.

They'd left me in the kitchen with some food, water, my toys, and my bed.  I wasn't hungry or thirsty, and I wasn't really in the mood to play, so I decided that I might as well make some adjustments to my bed.  So, while Ben was doing his own thing, I very carefully opened the zipper.  I didn't want to hurt my bed, just take out some stuffing.  It seemed just a bit too fluffy.  Alicia's always doing projects around the house, so why shouldn't I?

Once I had the zipper open, I proceeded to pull out the inside.  I ate some of it.  The rest I just pulled out and/or tossed around.

Ben found me. He took the next two pictures.

That's me in the forefront; Bed stuffing in the rear.
See all that white wrapped around me? That's the inner mesh
case that holds (held!) the stuffing. Outside is fully intact!
Ben called Matt and Alicia to tell them what happened.  They shook their heads and laughed.  I heard them through the phone.  I thought they would rush right home and apologize for abandoning me, but they did not.  Then, when they got home all they did was look at the bed and laugh some more before putting the bed back in my crate.

Originally, Matt and Alicia were going to make me continue to sleep on my now 2/3 full bed.  But, they were worried that seeing my destruction (Ben has nicknamed me Molly Mayhem!), I'd decide to pick up where I left off.  And I can't blame them.  I was planning to do just that.  

Anyway, they bought me a new bed.  A blue bed! 

Snuggled in my new bed.

I may even eat my new bed.  Only time will tell.

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  1. We all have those days, Molly, where we just need to tear the stuffing out of our beds. I fully understand your humans' frustration, but in a bizarre way, I kind of admire your, er, dedication to destruction. (We all have to be good at something, right?)

    (I *am* surprised, though, at your lack of interest in printed matter. My childhood puppy used to re-carpet the living room with torn paper if we left her alone with a table full of newspapers, magazines, or books.)