Saturday, August 13, 2011

Party Like a Dogstar!

I'm a dog.  I love treats.  Usually, Matt and Alicia give me hot dog bits or frozen green beans as a treat.  And usually, I only get a treat in exchange for following a command.  But I lucked out when one of our neighbor-dog's recently had a birthday.  Birthday treats!  Who even knew these existed?  Not me.

Our neighbor, Kona Bean, who is some sort of brown mini-cocker spaniel looking dog, isn't really the biggest fan of me.  Whenever I see him out, I get excited and want to say hello.  He also gets excited, but with growling and sharp barks.  I don't mind it at all, but Kona's owner doesn't like his aggression one bit.  That's probably why I wasn't invited to the birthday party.

That's right; I'm a party crasher!  I could tell something was going on outside while I was stuck inside with Matt and Alicia.  Determined to get in on the fun, I annoyed Alicia until she decided she has no choice but to take me out for a walk.  Little she know that at the end of our walk we would "stumble" onto a dog party!

Kona's owner had invited a bunch of the neighbor-dogs that Kona actually likes to feast on some tasty treats from Dogma Bakery.  The party was just about to break up when we arrived, but there were plenty of treats leftover, and we were invited to take one each of the Bubba and Snicker Doodle treats.  After I ate my dinner, Matt and Alicia gave me half of the Bubba.

Sitting like a good girl.  Take a moment to note
how this pic shows off my muscles. I'm Strong!
Nom. Nom. Nom. Peanut putter brownie with carob chips.
The next day, while Matt and Alicia were out, I helped myself to the other half.  They left it out on the counter in a plastic bag, but clearly within my reach, so I assumed they wanted me to eat it. But they didn't act like they were so happy about my eating it when they came home and saw the plastic on kitchen floor.

But there was still one treat left.  This one they were saving for Ben to give me while they were away.  But that's also when I ate my bed.  So Ben didn't give me any treats.  Matt and Alicia felt bad for leaving me and making me sad and lonely by going to the beach without me and forcing me to eat my bed.  So they gave me the Snickerdoodle when they got home!

Before I ate the snack, Alicia presented it to me.
I sniffed the bag to ensure freshness. Just like a fine wine. 
Matt and Alicia don't seem to be rushing out to Dogma to buy me more snacks, but I really enjoyed the ones I got.  Kona should turn 7 more often!

And for anyone interested, I do do parties and would be happy to come to your party and look cute, wag my tail, lick toes, snuggle make everybody happy.  In return, I require treats.  Contact Alicia or Matt for availability.

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