Friday, August 19, 2011

Mark My Words

I'm a dog.  Not just that, but I'm quite a good looking one.  I know you've heard it before, but it doesn't cease to be true, so I won't stop reminding you.  When people meet me, they often say things like "what a good looking dog" and "those are some great markings" or (to Alicia) "your dog has cow spots!"  All of these things are true.

Exhibit A: My markings.
Even when I was in the shelter waiting for Matt and Alicia to pick me up, and had a "cone of shame" around my neck, people still thought I was cute as a button.  Two teenage girls got visibly upset when they heard I wasn't up for grabs and, in fact, would be heading to my forever home - which was not with them -momentarily.

Exhibit B: Wooing with the "cone of shame"
Typically, it's my large brown spots and pink/black nose and mouth that get all of the attention.  Today, I'm going to bring a little attention to a little known mark that people only get to see once they've gotten to know me.  It's not black. Or brown. Or pink.  It's not even a dog color at all.  It's blue!

That's right!  Anyone who knows me (and by knows me I mean has rubbed my belly - which I offer up fairly quickly for rubs and pets upon meeting someone) notices this mark right off the bat and asks about it.  They usually laugh and say something like "Why is there blue marker on Molly's belly?" A blue mark on a white dog? It's kind of hard to miss.

Exhibit C: Can you see it?
In person/dog it's quite noticeable.  It looks a lot bolder and brighter.  And no matter what Alicia or Matt try, it just won't go away.  We're pretty sure it's a medical marker that the veterinarian drew on my belly just before my spay surgery.  It wasn't there the first time I met Alicia and Matt at the shelter, but it was there when they came to adopt me after my surgery.

But medical marker is supposed to come off with alcohol wipes.  Or soap and water.  Both of these strategies have been tried, but to no avail.  Even time hasn't made this mark budge.  It's just as bold and bright and blue as the day I came home.  Weird, huh?

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