Saturday, August 27, 2011

I've Been a Bad, Bad, Girl

I'm a dog.  I'm still on "vacation" at Gerri's house (where we had an earthquake earlier this week and today a hurricane!) while Alicia and Matt are soaking up the sun on their own vacation.  They've both been missing me a lot while they are away.  They called and texted Gerri to check in on me and she's told them how I've been playing "incessantly" and how I'm having such a good time.  I've been having such a good time with so many other dogs to play with that I've hardly even noticed that they aren't around!

But since I know they're feeling like they need a little Molly in their lives, and since I'll bet you do too, I'm going to share some photos that Alicia snapped of me weeks ago before promptly forgetting they existed.  Something tells me that seeing them now will both melt her heart and remind her that I'm not always perfect.

Alicia looked up from her computer, and there I was trying to
make myself comfortable on the chair. Where I'm not allowed.
If I can't see her, she can't see me!
Oops!  Pillow fell.  Maybe if I don't make eye contact.

She walked over and put the pillow back.  Still no eye contact.

Welp, she's got me now. Time to get down, I suppose...

But who wants to leave a blog post thinking about a badly behaving dog?  Not me!  So here's one of me sleeping peacefully on the living room floor...

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