Wednesday, July 27, 2011

When Puppies Attack!

I'm a dog.  In the mornings (at least while Alicia is on summer vacation) I like to get together with one of my pit bull friends and have a good romp.  Chili is three years old, so sometimes I have to really jump on his head and climb on him to get him to want to play as much as I do.  We bite each others faces and paws, jump on each other and knock each other down, chase each other and just generally have a really great time.  Alicia brought a camera along today to photograph some of the fun!

Chili wants to sit and rest. I want to play!
Yay! I win! Playtime!
Trying to lure Chili in by rolling around...
It didn't work. I just got very sandy.
Good thing I found this random children's Ugg boot to chew on!
What you don't see in the photos is where I break away from playing to hunt for cat poop to eat.  The sand of the volleyball court makes for a veritable litter pan!  So much poop!

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