Friday, July 1, 2011

Awesome Animal Videos: My Friend Mishka

I'm a dog.  Every time I go out on a walk I make new dog friends.  Some dogs, I've discovered, don't live in my neighborhood, but live somewhere else.  The only way to "meet" them is on the internet.

You know of my intense love of animal videos.  But did you know that there are some animals (especially dogs) that star in multiple videos?  And that I just can't get enough of them and even try to imitate them?

Take Mishka, for example.  Mishka is a husky who LOVES to talk.  She says all sorts of things, like "I love you" and "Obama" and even other things sometimes.  My favorite is when she says "I love you," so I'm sharing that awesome animal video here:

While you watch this, I'm going to work on my pronunciation.  Right now when I try it sounds more like "Roh roh roh."  Once I get good, I'll post an awesome animal video of myself!

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