Sunday, July 10, 2011

Celebrating My Independence

I'm a dog.  I've been meaning to post since Wednesday, but Alicia has been too busy to type up my thoughts, so this post about my first BBQ is a bit delayed.  Apologies for Alicia's rudeness.

Last Saturday I got to go to my first barbecue!  We're talking burgers (with cheese!) on the grill, hot dogs galore, a kiddie pool (presumably for drinking mass quantities of water) and lots of people to pet and love me. I was pumped.  Little did I know that the food and kiddie pool were not for me at all.  In fact, whenever I showed even the slightest indication of interest, Alicia usually directed me elsewhere. Lame.

The good news is, I did get to feast...on deer poop!  It's this new thing I discovered.  It kind of looks like my kibble in shape, size and color, but it is so much better*.  And lucky for me, Kate and Chris (our hosts) had a backyard full of it, and they didn't even know it.  See, it can tend to lie camouflaged in the grass.  But I'm a super-searcher and found piles of it.  Alicia tells me that other dogs like to roll around in it.  I have a sparkly white coat and that would show immediately, so I prefer to just eat it.  Delicious.

But the barbecue wasn't all deer poop.  There were plenty of new friends to meet and impress with my cuteness.  So I did just that.  Here are a few of my new friends.

Rachel, Claire and Vinnie, centered around me, naturally!
When she wasn't looking, I snuck up on
Rachel's lap through the chair arm.
All of this attention was great, but there was still more fun to be had!

I played some Bocce ball...
Took a few "laps" in the pool. Refreshing!
And finally, found a comfy chair and called in bedtime!
Note: I was quickly removed from said chair and told "No"
after the obligatory cute photo was taken.  Unfair.
I had a great time! I definitely want to go to another barbecue soon. Thanks Katie and Chris!

*For some odd reason, Alicia did not document this white photos.  She was too busy saying "No!" and trying to open my mouth to get the deer poop out.  Priorities.

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