Saturday, July 2, 2011

Been Caught Stealing

I'm a dog.  As you know, I eat dog food.  This week, while Matt went out to play golf and Alicia went to school to do some work, they confined me to the kitchen.  They gave me toys to play with and I had a fresh bowls of water, but what I really wanted was a snack.

Each morning, Alicia or Matt measure out my food for the day (which is now a mixture of Avo Derm and Nature's Recipe puppy formulas), put it in a gallon size ziploc bag and shake it up.  Then I get half (about 1.5 cups) for breakfast and the other half for dinner.  I usually eat dinner between 6 and 6:30, but I'm a dog and I can't read a clock.  So while Matt and Alicia were out, I decided that it must be dinnertime, and they'd just forgotten.

I managed to get my paws up on the counter and somehow get a hold of the bag of food.  Then I chewed through the plastic and dug in!

What Alicia found when she came home.
Of course, it was too early for dinner (which I realized after scarfing down most of the food), so I made sure to leave some for later.  Dog food is really filling.

What was left.
What Matt and Alicia don't get is why I went for my food, while my Nylabone chicken bone (aka best.toy.ever) sat on the counter untouched.  I'm also usually such a slow eater (take a few nibbles, drink a few laps of water, look around the kitchen, maybe walk around a bit and repeat), that stealing kibble hours before dinner just didn't make any sense to them.

I have my reasons.

I'm not sharing them with you, of course, but I have my reasons.

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