Monday, July 11, 2011

Kids! Cousins! Cousins Who Are Kids!

I'm a dog.  As you know, I love people.  In fact, I haven't yet found a single one that I don't like.  (Sure, there was that weird guy who said he'd karate chop me if I chewed on him, but since I didn't even give him the slightest of nibbles, he kept his hands to himself.)  What I have found is that I enjoy a particular type of human above others.  Kids!

They love to pet me.  Their faces, especially the little ones, are right on the same level as mine. They giggle when I lick their faces. I like that.  I even tone down some of my nibbling and jumping when it comes to meeting kids.  Yup, I like 'em that much.

Over the past two weekends I've had the opportunity to meet a bunch of my kid cousins.  They all love me.  Especially the littlest of the cousins.

Last weekend, while I was at Maw and Paw's, I met Kevin and Laurie and their kids, Ava, Connor and Shaun.  Connor and I got along really well, and he even fed me dinner and took me for a walk.

Clowning around with Ava.
Hanging with my main man Connor.
Shaun, thinking my food bowl is a
musical instrument. Silly baby!
Then this weekend, Patrick and Eileen stopped by our house with Niko, Alex and Makayla on their way home from vacation.

She's looking at the television, but
those Makayla claps are for me!
Getting a belly rub from Alex.
Laying like a good girl with Niko.
I love my cousins! And more importantly, my cousins love me! I hope I get to see them all again soon.

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