Tuesday, July 19, 2011

More New Friends!

I'm a dog.  Meeting new friends is my favorite thing to do.  I try to meet new friends every day.  Over the weekend I had the opportunity to make MORE new friends.  These particular friends are folks that Alicia met years ago in college at TCNJ (back when I was but a glimmer in the glimmer of the glimmer of some dog's eye).  Several of Alicia's freshman floormates live in the DC area, so it was a great chance to get the gang together.

Chris and his wife Leslie are planning a big move to Beijing in August and just had to come see everyone.  Or at least that's the reason everyone was publicly stating.  I know it's because Chris had read my blog and wanted to make sure he got the opportunity to give me pets and scratches and in turn receive face licks and snuggles, before he ventured to China.  And so I made sure to give him lots of love.

Crazy-eyed from all the love!
They just can't get enough of me!
On my way to a face lick with Fun Uncle Chris!
Kisses (and nibbles) with Bonny!
Ben finds my rubber chicken and more fun ensues!
A great time was had by all!  The only things that could have made it better are if Melissa and Ted didn't have to leave for vacation and thus could've come over (as I think Jackson and I would've become fast friends) and if Matt had allowed Alicia to buy one of the special dog biscuits at Carlyle Grill, where the humans went for brunch.  I mean, come on, Matt.  It was $1, and it would have been a nice treat. Cheapo!

Still, I love meeting new friends.  Do you want to be my friend? If you do, you should come over too!

*Well, almost everyone.  Regrettably, Stephanie couldn't make it, because she had a wedding in NJ.

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