Sunday, July 17, 2011

Oops!...I Did it Again

I'm a dog. Remember how I last posted about my escape from the kitchen?  Well, after Matt and Alicia upped the pressure on the gates I could no longer push my way through.  Luckily, I've figured out how to open the cat door and squeeze myself through...
My dramatic reenactment of the escape.
And it was a good thing I got through, because on the other side of the gate there was a canvas bag full of plastic baggies that I could tell needed to be dealt with.  They hadn't learned their lesson from when I chewed up their box and threw them all around the room.  So I had to do it. Again.

You mess with me, you end up like these bags.

All of this destruction makes a puppy tired.
All in a day's work, I guess!


  1. My favorite part is the rubber chicken seen in the background. Yours, Molly, or your peoples'?

  2. (p.s. I'm gonna stand behind the odd use of the apostrophe there, 'cause I actually think it's right, as wrong as it looks. ;))