Monday, June 13, 2011

You Gotta Have Friends

I'm a dog. I love dogs.  And I love humans.  I'm not sure how I feel about cats. They don't seem too interested in me, so I haven't tried to play with them...yet.  Over the weekend I had a great time playing with the dog friends on my block (including my best dog friend, Moxie).  I also met two pit bulls named Fiona and Ginger.  Ginger is a white pit bull, like me, and Fiona is a brown puppy.  I love playing with them because they play just as rough as I do.  We bit each others faces and ears and pounced and knocked each other around for over 30 minutes. It was great.

Then, on Sunday night, I made a new human friend!  Her name is Gail, and she's Alicia's childhood friend.  She's staying at our house for a few days and she loves to play with me and also lets me snuggle with her.  Snuggling is the best.

Every day on my walks I make new friends.  Most people are surprised at how friendly and snuggly I am.  There are lots of misconceptions about pit bulls being vicious creatures.  I'm working to set the record straight.  Whenever I see someone (human or dog) that I want to play with (which is whenever I see anyone or anydog), I crouch down and wag my tail really fast.  Then, I wait for the person or dog to come close enough and then I jump out at them and begin licking (for humans) or sniffing/nibbling (for dogs).  After a few seconds, you're likely to find me splayed out on my back with my belly exposed for all to see.   My human neighbor Nels calls me a "ferocious beast" and teases me for how mean and angry I am.  The neighborhood kids all know my name and I love when they come running at me.  While they give me nice pets and scratches, I lick their faces and make them giggle and squeal.

I hope someday I get to meet you.  I will lick your face and gladly accept scratches and pets.  If I really like you, I'll even snuggle.  So, when are you coming over?


  1. Mooching these links off Joanne:

    Btw, Molly M., I have a dogfriend who shares your opinion as to: "Whenever I see someone (human or dog) that I want to play with (which is whenever I see anyone or anydog)..."

  2. I like the part with Gail . . . and when can we have a meeting of the dogs?!