Thursday, June 30, 2011

Chew On This! (I Know I Will!)

I'm a dog.  I've taken a few day break from blogging because Alicia was away at a conference in New Orleans. While I am the author of this blog, Alicia is the one who does all of the typing (what with me lacking fingers and opposable thumbs).  I tried to get Matt to type up a post, but he refused. Rude.

That's okay though, I showed him who was boss.  While he went out on Monday, I took the liberty of taking a little tasting tour of his golf umbrellas.  Sure, I have a bunch of "dog" toys, but sometimes a dog just wants to chew on something else.  Especially when she's a puppy.

Surveying the damage I caused.
Needless to say, while I thought I was sticking it to Matt, he was plotting revenge.  Sure, he purchased me a bunch of new toys, including the Nylabone Puppy Starter Kit (my favorite is the Healthy Edibles Chicken Bone), and I thanked him by chowing down on the handles of his golf umbrellas, but I figured he would let it slide.  Instead, he took this as an opportunity to go back to crate training.

The Chicken Bone, which is not edible,
and looked like this in thirty minutes.
I'll write more about the crate training later.  Right now I need to go and do some more chewing.

Surrounded by chew toys.
But I choose to chew toes.

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