Sunday, June 12, 2011

Don't Fence Me In

I'm a dog.  I like to run free.  Tonight, for the first time, and just by happenstance, I met up with a bunch of my neighbor dogs (including my best friend Moxie) at the end of my early evening walk.  We tumbled around, pawing each other, jumping and biting faces, and just had a great time.  I wore myself out so much that I didn't even make it to my bed before collapsing in a heap.

They shaved my belly for surgery last week, so it's still growing back.

So far, I haven't met a dog (or human) that I don't like.  And everyone seems to like me too!  My only complaint is that while the other dogs were allowed off-leash, Alicia held tight to me the whole time.  I think she doesn't trust me yet.  And what have I done to deserve that? Nothing.

Except for maybe all of my hijinx over being confined at night and when they go out.

Speaking of which, Matt and Alicia upped the ante today.  They're going to take a break from crate training (yes!) because I am so afraid of the crate I won't look at it or go anywhere near it and if Matt or Alicia go towards it, I run and hide.  I had hoped maybe that would mean I'd get to roam free at night, pooping and peeing as I saw fit.  Instead, Alicia went out and purchased two 41" Extra-Tall Walk-Thru Pet Gates to barricade the kitchen.  These things are tall. Extra tall.

Think I could fit through the cat door?
Yeah, that's pretty tall.

We're talking taller than the kitchen counters tall.  If I can't figure out a way to push them down, I'm going to be sunk.  No more late-night partying for me.

I think I must've partied too hard last night.  Between pooping and peeing on the carpet and throwing up just as Alicia came downstairs, I was a mess.  Then we went outside and I threw up four more times.  It was not good. I spent the morning and into the early afternoon feeling very lethargic, refusing to eat or drink and just laying down on the grass went we went outside.

Sleeping puppy sleep and dreaming puppy dreams.

Matt and Alicia were worried and kept saying things like "poor puppy" and "think we could get her into the crate now?"  And don't think I didn't hear them giggling over my intense dreams that had my paws twitching and mouth huffing every once in a while!  Anyway, I think the sickness was due the distemper shot I got at the vet's yesterday.  Luckily, I seem to be fully recovered now.  I perked up around 2pm and so glad I was feeling better for my early evening romp with the neighbor dogs.  Next time, I hope Alicia let's me run free.

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