Thursday, June 23, 2011

Family Dinner

I'm a dog.  I have a family.  Usually it consists of just me, Matt and Alicia.  But on Tuesday, all that changed.  It was on Tuesday that we had a family dinner.  Of course, "family dinner," I'd like to point out, is a misnomer. They fed me around 6:30 (us usual) and then they ate dinner at 7:30, while I was cooped up in the kitchen.  But I digress.

First to arrive was Mom.  I'd heard she was going to be a tough nut to crack, but we got along just fine.  I went right over to her and sat down, silently asking for pets and scratches.  She immediately caved! Then I tested her out by putting my paw on her lap.  She was okay with that.  Then I blew it my trying to give her kisses.  Oops.

Next to arrive was Dad.  He was very excited to meet me and gave me all the attention I needed.  While Mom and Dad were great, neither of them wanted to get down on the floor with me and let me sit in their laps while giving me pets and scratches and letting me lick their faces.  They also didn't offer to rub my belly.  Luckily, Ben and Amanda came along.  They had no such reservations!

Snuggling up with Ben.

Going in for a kiss with my Dogmother, Amanda.
We played for a bit and then everyone (but me) ate dinner.  After dinner, we sat around and they talked about me while giving me lots of love and attention.  Then we took a group photo.

Sneaking a kiss in the family photo.
All in all (even with the failure to invite me to sit at the table, which I'm still grousing about), it was a great dinner.  I hope we can do it again.  Next time though, I plan to get a place at the table.

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