Monday, September 5, 2011

My Buddy and Me

I'm a dog.  I wasn't alive in the 1980s, but if I was, I would've asked Matt and Alicia to give me My Buddy for my birthday.  I love to play all the time and what could be better than having a friend to play with all the time?  Alas, I was not around in the 80s and even if they still made My Buddy, Matt and Alicia probably wouldn't buy it for me because they'd be worried I'd chew on and tear apart his head, much like I did to that tennis ball toy I got a few weeks ago (which I'm happy to note was completely demolished shortly after the last photo Alicia posted).

Even better than a My Buddy doll would be an actual dog that I could play with and snuggle and chew on all the time!  No, Matt and Alicia have not given into my pleas for a new puppy (they say one puppy is enough, thankyouverymuch!).  But we did go up to New Jersey to visit her family, and it was there I had the opportunity to get a taste of what it would be like to have a sibling.

We would snuggle up for naps...
...and she wouldn't mind how I move around in my sleep.
We would go on long walks together...
...And she would be patient with me when I
abruptly decided to lay down on the ground...
...only to walk a bit further before deciding I
wanted to stop and sniff and rest again...
...and then literally take a handful of steps before deciding
I needed to stop and eat some grass.
It would be fantastic! We could drink out of the same water bowl, and steal cat food together.  We could bark at strange noises and animals that trespass in the yard (wild turkeys, I'm looking at you!). What a life.

And I wouldn't have to give a grumpy face
when it was time to leave, because we'd
ALWAYS be together!
I would also take a human puppy, but Matt and Alicia have also said no to that.  I tried to show them what a good sibling I'd be by sharing my favorite orange ball with my cousin Shaun (who STOLE my ball and then kept flaunting it in my face and NOT throwing it to me, while I waited patiently for him to share. They were unconvinced.

Look at what a good sister I would be! Happily sharing!
So at least for the meantime, it looks like I'm just going to have to entertain myself and encourage Matt and Alicia to make as many playdates with bestdogfriend Chili as they can.  And, since Alicia's family is up in NJ/PA and we're down in DC, I guess we'll just have to keep taking car rides (my most favorite thing) to ensure that I get to spend as much time with my dog and human family as possible.

I snuck into the front seat while Alicia was
driving down the Turnpike.  It scared her.

At the rest stop, she put me back in the back.
Party pooper!  I stick my tongue out at you!


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