Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Puppy's Got a Brand New Bone

I'm a dog.  Every day I get bigger and bigger.  It seems every time Alicia and Matt turn around, something that used to fit no longer does.  For example, I used to ride in the car in my car crate.  Now that I'm too big for the crate, they just lay a blanket (or my bed) down on the seat, and I ride along.

Today Matt decided it was finally time to put away my puppy Nylabone and get me something bigger.

Here's me and my Nylabone in the early days...
An older (and wiser?) me enjoying my good ol' puppy bone.
The new bone will wait...
Hmm...perhaps that puppy bone is finished and it's time to move on...

Claiming my new big girl bone!
So long little Nylabone!

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