Saturday, October 29, 2011

Good Dog: It's a Miracle!

I'm a dog.  I'm a lucky dog.  I was transferred from the animal shelter in Prince George's County, MD (pit bulls are illegal and are scheduled for euthanization upon arrival) to a shelter in Alexandria, VA.  I was going to be killed just because of my breed, but I got lucky.

This beagle was also going to be euthanized, because no one had adopted him from a shelter in Alabama.  They put him in the gas chamber with a bunch of other dogs, but miraculously, he survived!

Can you believe it?  What a lucky dog.  And a cutie too.  Thanks to 11th Hour Rescue, he's now safe in NJ with a foster family, and I sure hope he finds a good home.


  1. Molly and co., have you seen this? It was linked off Huffington Post the other day:

  2. Oh my! We hadn't seen that. That's awesome. Hooray for pit bulls! Good dog!