Friday, October 14, 2011

Bark! Who Goes There?

I'm a dog.  A guard dog.

When the weather's nice and Matt and Alicia leave the front door open wide with just the screen between me and the great outdoors, I like nothing more that to sit there and take in all the happenings.  You wouldn't believe how much action there is outside our front door!

Sometimes, squirrels run by and jump from limb to limb in the trees.  I do put on my best sit and watch them. I also occasionally bark at them if it looks like they're having too much fun and not including me.

I see you, squirrel!
I also like to watch the leaves fall from the trees.

But my most favorite of all is when people (and dogs!) come walking right in front of our house! I get up from my sit and wag my tail, hoping they're coming to pet me.  Sometimes they do.  Other times they just walk on by.

Oh, hello there!

Come over here and love me!
I think I've found a new favorite hobby.  Watch out rides in the car, you're in danger of being replaced.

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