Saturday, October 22, 2011

I Know You Are, But What Am I?

I'm a dog.  Until last weekend I wasn't too sure about exactly what kind of a dog.  But now I'm feeling fairly confident.  The folks at the AWLA knew I was a pit bull terrier mix.  They weren't sure what was in the "mix."  Luckily, whilst walking in DC last weekend on our way to congratulate Ben and Amanda as they finished their metric century bike ride, we came across two puppies who were my spitting image!

They were two-month-old pups out on a walk with their owner.  When Matt and Alicia saw her and her dogs and she saw Matt and Alicia with me, everyone stopped in their tracks.  I was taken back to my earliest days.  The other owner saw a vision of what she could expect in a couple of months.  Everyone was in shock.

Then the humans got to talking.  It turns out those precious pups have a mom who is a Pit Bull Terrier and a dad who is an American Bulldog.  That makes them American Pit Bulldog Terriers.  And I'm probably one as well!  It just makes so much sense.  So much of me is Pit Bull-ish.  The thickness of my coat, my almond-shaped eyes, size and stature, how muscly I am, not to mention my triangular Pit Bull smile all point to Pit Bull.  But I'm also mostly white, which isn't so common with Pit Bulls.  And my snout is kind of rounded, which is also wrong.  And what about my big brown markings? A simple Google Image search for "American Bulldog" reveals image upon image of white dogs with beautiful markings.

So, what happens when you mix this:

Satisfied american pit bull terrier wallpaper
[via here]

With this?:

American Bulldog photo
[via here]

It seems to me you would get this: 

Am I right?

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