Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I'm A Big Girl!

I'm a dog.  Not a puppy.  But a real dog.  The proof is in my food.  Over the summer we transitioned from my puppy kibble (Nature's Recipe Lamb and Rice) to my big girl food (Nature's Recipe Lamb and Rice)!
Same flavor, different age.
Giving the new food a tentative sniff.
And then a "taste test."
The new food and the old food mixed together while I transition.
The transition went great!

But then Alicia went off-script and when it was time to buy more adult food, she bought a bag of Nature's Recipe Chicken, Pumpkin and Sweet Potato.  Matthew wasn't happy that she bought a more expensive and different food without discussing it first, but not only did my digestive track LOVE the new flavor, my mouth did too!  Now, instead of slowly eating my food and tossing it all around the kitchen while I eat, I hunker down and eat the whole thing.  And when I poop, it smells like pumpkin and sweet potatoes! The end.

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