Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Family Vacation 2012

I'm a dog. If I had opposable thumbs, this post would have gone up over a month ago, but alas, Alicia had other things to do and said she'd get around to it when she got around to it.  Fast forward a month and a half, and you still have no idea what I did on family vacation this year! So, here are the highlights:

Morning, afternoon and evening walks on the beach.
Sniffed things on the beach!
Laid out on the stoop.
Slept on the stoop.
Snuggled up to horseshoe crabs.
Sniffed horseshoe crabs.
Didn't get to see amazing sunsets because
Matt and Alicia left me at home while they
went out to dinner.
Played with dogs on the beach!
Went out into the bay water...
And got surprised by waves!

Fell asleep on the couch when no one was looking.
Climbed up on the couch when Matthew went to get a drink.

Rode in the car!
What a great trip!

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