Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Favorite Places: The Pool!

I'm a dog.  You may remember that at the end of last summer, I went a pool party called the "doggie dip."  It was great!  I hated the pool part, but I LOVED all the dogs.

They don't let the dogs into the pool area during the summer, but that's fine by me.  I just like to see what's going on.  And during the summer, the pool is filled with my favorite people: BABIES*!

I drag Matt and Alicia to the pool every day just so that we can see who is there and I can try to entice the walking babies to toddle on over to me and let me lick their hands and faces while they point at me, pet me and say things like "Dog!" and "Cow!" (understandable) and (my personal favorite) "Puppies! Puppies! Puppies!"

Walking the pool perimeter (outside the fence).
Watching the kids!
Getting a closer look
Let me in! I want to play!
I am the Puppy Pool Queen!
So happy to be here!
I can't wait until the "doggie dip" comes around again.  It should be in just a few weeks.  I haven't decided whether or not I want to go in the pool this time, but I got some good practice being in the water up to my chest when we went to a Chesapeake Bay beach one afternoon. Of course, that's also the day that I drank a gallon of bay water and ate a pound of sand**, so I wasn't really making good decisions that day. We shall see!

*My new best friends are my year-old baby neighbors Bea and Luke.  They love to see me, and I love to lick them. We have a great time. Other than stealing their toys, I'm a gentle good girl with them.

** I was puking bay water for 12 hours and then pooping bay sand for another 12 hours! It was not fun.

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