Sunday, February 19, 2012

Puppy's First Snow!

I'm a dog.  As you may have noticed, I'm having Alicia catch up on some forgotten posts today.  Today was supposed to be a snow day, but nary a flake has fallen.  I was hoping to get some action shots of me playing in today's snow, but since there is none, we're going to take this post back to a Saturday in January when we did get snow.  Just a little bit, but enough for me to realize that I LOVE SNOW!

Snow is fun to sniff.
Snow is fun to eat!
Snow is fun to play with!
Did I mention that it's fun to sniff and eat? It is.
I spent all walks that day and the next sniffing, snorting, playing, and just having a ball in the snow.  It was awesome.  Snow has easily made its way onto the list of Molly Manute's favorite things.  My revised list looks something like this:

1. Going on car rides
2. Sleeping on my chair
3. Snow (eating, sniffing, playing, etc.)
4. Playing with my dog friends (especially Chili and Ovie, but also whoever is at the dog park)
5. Playing with Mr. Squeaks (original or replacements)
6. Playing in the ivy (I'll have to tell you more about this later)

So I would really like it if there was more snow.  Are you listening to me, weather? Snow!  Please snow!  Lots of snow!

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