Sunday, February 19, 2012

Meet the New Squeaks, Same as the Old Squeaks

I'm a dog.  I'm a lucky dog. I have lots of great toys.  Toys that I like to chew and chase and chew and catch and chew some more.  My favorite toy is named Mr. Squeaks.  He blue spotted squeaky rubber octopus with tentacles that act like party blowers.  He was a gift from my dogmother Amanda.  Squeaks originally belonged to her dog, Lady, may she rest in peace.

Snuggling with Mr. Squeaks.

Anyway, I love Mr. Squeaks.  When Squeaks and I first met, I liked to nose him and carry him around by his tentacles, but his squeak frightened me.  Eventually I got used to his squeaking and came to love it.  I like to play fetch inside the house with Squeaks.  I also like to hold him by some of his tentacles and shake him around, beating my face with his tentacles.  Donna (Matt's mom), thinks this particular move is hysterical.  All of this rough-housing with squeaks has left him in bad shape.  By December, he lost all but two of his tentacles.  By the new year, he was down to zero.  A Squeaks without tentacles is a Squeaks without a squeak.  He is a Squeaks that I cannot toss around by his tentacles.  He is a Squeaks I must tear apart and destroy.

Me and Squeaks playing around.
Giving Squeaks a good shake.
Knowing how much I loved Squeaks, Matt and Alicia tried to find a suitable replacement.  They looked around at all the pet stores and pet aisles within stores searching for a new squeaks.  Nothing fit the bill.  Then, just days before Christmas, Alicia was on Amazon and found these guys.  They looked promising.  A ladybug and octopus were ordered and arrived just before Christmas, and made their way to my stocking.  On Christmas, I opened my presents.  I was immediately unimpressed.  These squeaks were smaller and had weak squeaks.  I rejected them outright.

Impostors known as Lady Squeaks and Squeaks Jr. 
Mr. Squeaks! Look! You've started a family!
Then Matt was doing some more research on Amazon and found him.  Mr. Squeaks! You've come back to me!  I love Mr. Squeaks. I didn't even notice that he magically got his tentacles back.  I treat him just like the original.  I've even pulled off two of his tentacles already!  Matt and Alicia keep stopping me from causing damage.  But I've seen behind the curtain.  I know there's a third Mr. Squeaks hiding in the cabinet, waiting to fill the role when I finally get the rest of those pesky tentacles off.

Three generations of Squeaks.
I can't wait to get my paws on Squeaks #3.

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