Saturday, October 6, 2012

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

I'm a dog.  I love summer.  The best part of summer is that the pool is open and all the little kids love the pool, so when I walk by, they stick their fingers through the fence and exclaim things such as "dog!" and "cow!" and "puppies...puppies...puppies!"  It makes me feel good inside to know that they're excited to see me.  And then I lick their hands and faces to show my appreciation.  Another great part about summer is that Alicia is around during the day and we go out on lots of walks, and I also get to go out on car trips to places like PetSmart!  As usual, Alicia made sure to take tons of photos to document our fun times together.  Here's a small sampling...

Keeping cool by lounging in the tall grass.
Chewing on a random mini tennis ball found on a walk.
Playing hide and seek
On the way to PetSmart! I love car rides!
Taking a water break on our way to the dog park.
Lounging by the pool, waiting for little kids to lick.
Making silly faces for the camera
Happy, panty puppy!
Practicing my skills on the balance beam.
Hide and seek in the ivy
You found me!
Enjoying the beautiful  end-of-summer weather
Oops. I ate Alicia's book when she went to trivia.
I told her not to go, and she didn't listen.
Then this happened.
Kisses with Matthew
Hey lady! Get in the car and let's go!
And that's pretty much my summer!  One thing you might notice is that I'm not wearing my leg brace in any of those photos.  That's because my leg healed and I got back the pep in my step, so we stopped using the brace for August and September.  It was great!  I say was because, well, just stay tuned.

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  1. Hi Molly! I walk a colleague of yours - a German shepherd - and when we're out on walks, little kids who we pass say "Doggy!" (or sometimes "goggy!") to us all the time. I say, "Yes, indeed," because that does indeed sum it up! (No one's ever confused her with a cow, though.)

    Have you considered posting any of your book-eating or other escapades on