Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Howl-a-ween!

I'm a dog.  Today Alicia and I got dressed up in costumes to celebrate Halloween.  She went as Waldo, and I went as Waldo's dog, Woof.

I am so excited about this costume.
After our photo shoot (most of which I spent licking her face and making sudden movements so that the picture came out blurry), we went to the vet for our weekly check-up.  Alicia has been a bad girl and has not been posting weekly updates.  So let's just quickly run through my progress with a couple of photos...

10/10. First Day Home.  Bandaged and coned.
10/12. Bandages come off.  Bruised and swollen.

10/13.  "Fort Molly" established to prevent climbing of any sort.
All stairways (not pictured) also block off.
10/17. Still swollen.  Bruising going down.
10/24(ish). Bruising and swelling have gone down.
This picture is upside down and refuses to turn the right way. Sorry.
Alicia's camera seems to have eaten the photos from the day I got my stitches out.  I do not know why. I don't like.  Photos on the iPhone mysteriously skip to this past weekend (aka Frankenstorm).  I don't like Frankenstorm.  Thunder and lightning are fine, but strong winds and heavy rain? I don't like.


10/31.  Dr. approves Molly for chair snuggling.
Check out my scar now!

10/31.  Healing very nicely.  Swelling and bruising gone.
Putting lots of weight and walking normal.
The doc says that I am making terrific progress and that I'm a good girl.  The only bad news out of today's appointment is that I developed a double ear infection.  We're not sure how or why, but it happened, so now Alicia has to clean my ears daily and put ointment in them.  I don't like.  She also won't let me scratch my ears.  I really don't like.  But at least I get to sleep in my chair again!

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  1. Looks like Alicia and Matt haven't been using their couches for their intended purposes recently, since they look fairly full of Fort Molly!