Monday, April 30, 2012

What Happens When Molly Feels Abandoned

I'm a dog.  Last week, Matthew was travelling for work, so it was just me and Alicia.  Or really, it was mostly me!  All day long, Alicia went off galavanting (she claims it was "work," but I doubt it) and left me at home.  Thankfully, because I've showed her what a good girl I am, and because she feels guilty for leaving me in my injured state, she let me stay out of the crate.

On Tuesday, after a long day of no humans (okay, okay, the dog walker did take me on two 30-45 minute walks), Alicia decided she needed to go out for a few hours after dinner.  Here are just a few things I did while she was gone...
What it looked like before she left/after cleanup.
I took the unused poop bags out of the basket.
I ate the basket.
I ate a pillow.
A wide shot of my destruction.
Long story short: Alicia didn't go out any other night while Matthew was gone.

1 comment:

  1. Commenting here because this is my favorite post (although I do hope you catch that phantom couch snuggler! definitely a cow, I think.)

    Looks like a tasty basket and pillow there. :)

    I hope your knee feels better soon, and that you and your people find a solution that works for all of you. I'm sending positive thoughts!