Sunday, December 18, 2011

Puppy's First Christmas: Meeting Santa

I'm a dog.  Word on the street is that Christmas is a week away.  I'm still getting the hang of this whole Christmas thing - trees in the living room, being told "No" when I try to sneak some cookies off the counter, being told "No" when I try to investigate what has been placed in the "Molly" stocking.  being told "No" when I try to eat the poinsettia - and today I discovered a new side of the impending holiday: Santa Claus.

This afternoon, we went over to PetSmart to get a bag of food, and suddenly I was trapped in a room with Santa Claus.  I heard a rumor that Santa was a jolly old man from the North Pole who delivered treats and toys to all the good puppies.  The person who wanted me on their lap was a woman with glasses wearing a red velvet suit and a horribly fake long, flowing, white beard.  I know this because when I got up on the bench, the first thing I did was lick Santa square on the mouth.  She was forced to adjust her beard and give herself away.

Eventually I settled down enough for the woman to take one good photo.  Tada!

Don't I look beyond thrilled to be meeting Santa?  My face might look bored, but see how Santa is straining to keep me still?  I couldn't contain myself.

It's hard to believe this shot didn't make the Christmas card.

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